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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the duration of the project?

    • Equipment deliveries to the Port Authority of Guam started in October 2022; transport of the equipment will begin in January 2023 and conclude in May 2023. The transport dates posted on 29 roadway signs, and dates available at once the schedule is confirmed. 


  • What items will be transported?

    • A total of 1,205 tons of heavy haul cargo consisting of generator components that will be used for the new Ukudu Power Plant. Not all parts will be on the road at once. 

As of April 12, 2023,

         21 total moves completed and 2,460 Metric Tons moved

         2 more moves remain consisting of 262 Metric Tons.


  • How many moves will need to be organized?

    • Using self-propelled modular trailers, 25 heavy cargo moves will require a total of 52 individual convoys, including return trips.


  • Will hazardous materials be transported?

    • No hazardous materials will be transported.


  • Size (height and width) of items being moved?


  • How will the cargo be moved?

    • Cargo will be moved using specialized Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT). The trailers help evenly distribute the heavy weight of the cargo to reduce impact to the infrastructure. The SPMT will be accompanied by a convoy of support vehicles and Guam Police Department escorts, and will move slowly at a rate of 1 MPH. ​​


  • What route will the SPMT and convoy use?

    • From the Port Authority of Guam, Rt. 11, to Northbound on Rt. 1, and from Ukudu traveling Southbound on Rt.1 to Rt.11 for the return of the SPMT. For full details, please see the Traffic Management Plan at 


  • How will this affect my daily commute?

    • Traffic delays are expected during 6pm - 6am north and southbound on Rt. 1 Marine Drive from Port Authority of Guam to the Micronesia Mall area.

    • As of Saturday, February 4, 2023, the cargo will commence its move at 2 PM from the Port Authority of Guam. The convoy will head Northbound at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 11, traveling the 12-mile distance at a pace of 1 MPH. Our contractors, Doosan Ukudu Power and Doosan Enerbility, anticipate completing the journey within 12 hours with an additional 4-hour window for contingencies. This is subject to change. 

  • Will detours/alternate routes be identified for the public?

    • Yes, alternate routes can be found at the Alternative Routes section at, as well as signs posted at the intersection of Rt. 1 and the alternate routes. You are encouraged to use these routes during the posted dates and times as the trailer will be moving very slowly. You will still be able to pass the trailer on one lane in either direction if an alternate route is not available for your use. However, total road closure will occur along bridges to ensure no extra weight is added as the SPMTs cross.

  • How many lanes will each load take ups?

    • During transport, Rt. 11 will be closed until the convoy passes which is estimated to be about 2 hours. The convoy will take up two lanes on Rt 1. Travel will be limited to 1 lane Northbound and Southbound during transport. Both Northbound and Southbound traffic will be stopped at all 9 bridges and culverts as only the SPMT trailer will be allowed to cross, and once complete, traffic flow will resume. For specific details on routes, lane and road closures, and other pertinent information, please refer to the Traffic Management Plan at

  • Is there a PR/Communications plan to notify or address traffic delays, safety concerns, inconveniences caused along the route, etc. If so, what does that plan entail?

    • Yes. Doosan Ukudu Power has provided several information portals for the public. General information and notifications may be found at; Instagram (@poweronthemoveguam)  and Facebook pages (Power On The Move Guam); email and SMS alerts; newspaper, radio and television advertisements.

  • How can I request for notifications?

    • Go to the Home page on and submit your email to receive email alerts or SMS alerts. Signs will also be updated with transport dates and will remain up and updated throughout the project timeline.​​

  • What is the Guam Power Authority’s (GPA) involvement?

    • GPA’s role is mainly to help facilitate discussion and coordination.  GPA will monitor compliance and execution of the Ukudu Power Plant contract.  The owner of the new Ukudu Power Plant for the next 25 years is Guam Ukudu Power.  The responsibility of the construction of the power plant falls under Doosan, Guam Ukudu Power’s contractor. 

    • The heavy cargo transport project will be moving all of the large components of the new Ukudu Power Plant in Ukudu, Dededo. The transport project involves several companies including Doosan Ukudu Power, Smithbridge, Pacific Unlimited Inc., TGE Engineers, and Moffat & Nichol as well as the guidance and assistance of government agencies including the Department of Public Works, the Guam Power Authority, Guam Waterworks Authority and the Guam Police Department. DOCOMO Pacific, GTA, IT&E and Pacific Data Systems are also assisting.

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