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Traffic Management Plan

The transport convoy will travel to the oncoming lanes at the following intersections along Rt.1:

1) Rte 30 - Camp Watkins (Gov Carlos Camacho Road)  (Tamuning)

2) Rte 14 - ITC  (Tamuning)

3) Route 10A - Airport Road (Tamuning)

4) Route 14A - JFK Hill (Tumon)

5) Traffic Light - DPW (Upper Tumon)

6) Ipilog Street - Harmon Industrial Park (Harmon)

7) Upper Tumon - Pia Marine

8) Upper Tumon - San Vitores Road

9) Upper Tumon to Dededo - To site of Ukudu Power Plant across Micronesia Mall


Bypass route plans have been developed, suggesting alternate routes and detours to help the public avoid traffic delays.

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